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At McCoy's Window Cleaning our mission is to provide quality window cleaning to businesses and personal residence in Sedona and the Verde Valley at an affordable price.

It all started in Phoenix Arizona, back in 1994 the creator and owner, Noel McCoy created McCoy's Window Cleaning. In the winter of 1999 he expanded his business to the Verde Valley. Several years later after a merge with Window Men of the Verde Valley, McCoy's Window Cleaning made central Arizona their home. So are your mirrors dirty? Do you have hard water damage, or just renovated and need Construction clean up to bring your windows to life? Have no worries, we can handle all of that and more with ease. Contact us today to schedule your FREE estimate.

Join us in our quest: Let us take dirt off your hands.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put in the water?
A: Dawn Dish Soap, and for the difficult windows it's a secret.

When you're done cleaning those windows, can you clean mine?
A: As a Matter of fact, WE CAN. We clean both Residential and Commercial. For a free estimate click here.

Can I get set up on a schedule?
A: Yes! We have several plans; biweekly, bimonthly, every six once a year, or we can be out as often as you need us.

Can you clean my windows before my Christmas party?
A: Yes, but remember a lot of people have parties throughout the year. To your windows are cleaned right before your party you should schedule up to 30 days in advance.


What days do you work?
A: Weather permitting we are shinning up windows Monday through Friday. If there is a special event and you need the windows cleaned last minute we can schedule a weekend cleaning for an additional fee.

Do I need to be in when my windows are cleaned?
A: No, we can leave a slip under the door with the bill, or you can pay in advance. This plan is perfect for snow birds. Nothing like coming home to clean windows.

Do you remove Christmas paint from windows?
A: Yes. If you already have a set price we estimated for a normal window cleaning service, please note the estimate will be different for paint removal.

 What if the cleaner breaks something?
A: We are insured and you are covered. However we have a perfect track record, and train only the best.

Can you remove hard water spots?
A: Usually, we have recovered many destroyed windows. We can look at it, just fill out a request for a free estimate and be sure to add in the comments portion that you have hard water damage.

Can you get my second story windows also?
A: Yes. We clean up to two story residential and commercial.